Reward Points

Imagine if completing everyday chores was rewarding? We at Ayuriti understand the efforts you put in and would love to reward you! Learn how our reward point system works:

Our Reward Point calculation will begin from Monday to Sunday and you can track your point progress along with your order history on the app.

*You will be assigned activities to fulfil first three Koshas- Annamaya (Anna), Pranamaya (Pran) and Manomaya (Mann) across the day. If you fill all three Koshas, you will get 1 reward point - equivalent to Rs. 0.25.

*After filling three Koshas consistently for seven days a week- Vigyanamya Kosha will get activated, and you will get 7+3 reward points.

*Upon filling Vigyanamaya Kosha consistently for four weeks- Anandamaya Kosha will get activated, and 10 reward points will get added to your existing Kosha points.

How to spend Reward Points?

You can spend the collected reward points by purchasing services and products.

Another way of earning more reward points is purchasing products and services with money. Every Rs. 100 spent is equivalent to 1 reward point earned (Rs. 0.25).