According to Ayurveda and Yoga, a human body comprises of five layers that make us whole. Each of these layers ranging from the outer to the inner self has a function that is essential for one's wellbeing. We at Ayuriti, aim to aid the function of each layer with holistic solutions while moulding a lifestyle that addresses your body, mind and spirit.


The first layer is your physical body which is a product of all the nutrients that you have absorbed over the lifetime. Annamayakosha stands true to the saying, "You are what you eat!". Ayuriti takes care of your body by assigning a personalised diet based on the correct time and season to consume foods.


The second layer is your mental body. Not to be confused with brain or a single organ- Manomayakosha, the 'mind' is the intelligence that drives your behaviour, emotional health and state of happiness. This layer is healthy when you feel uplifted. Ayuriti makes sure that you feel your best with a vast collection of music, positive affirmations, mantras and more.


The third layer is the life force or the energy body that drives your physical-mental bodies. Maintaining the perfect balance of Pranamayakosha brings one health and vitality. It is essential to strengthen your energy body, and Ayuriti helps you do so by offering weekly Yoga-Pranayama sequences for practice.


The fourth layer is the consciousness which links all events in life together. Vignanamayakosha or the knowledge layer creates an irreversible balance of health and happiness. This balance is achieved by keeping track of one's feelings and body. Ayuriti makes the tracking process easier by keeping a record of your daily activities and their influence on your physical, mental-spiritual health through Kosha Chart, emotions and Menstrual Calendar.


The fifth layer is your ultimate bliss body. Anandamayakosha is where your physical, mental and energy bodies are in perfect alignment with your knowledge body. This layer houses joy and happiness, which is achieved by attaining all four Koshas.